bladder neck suspension

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1. temporary cessation, as of pain or a vital process.
2. a supporting from above, as in treatment where extremities are elevated with a traction device.
3. a preparation of a finely divided, undissolved substance dispersed in a liquid vehicle.
bladder neck suspension any of various methods of surgical fixation of the urethrovesical junction area and the bladder neck to restore the neck to a high retropubic position for relief of stress incontinence. Among numerous types of procedures are the Burch procedure and the Pereyra procedure. Called also colposuspension.
colloid suspension a colloid system; see colloid (def. 2). Sometimes used specifically for a sol in which the dispersed phase is solid and the particles are large enough to settle out of solution.
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Another option for stress incontinence is a bladder neck suspension (Burch colposuspension), which is about 80% effective, she said.
Outlet obstruction, although common in older males (Barry, 1990), is uncommon in women but can occur due to the presence of a large cystocele that kinks the bladder neck or as a consequence of obstruction with bladder neck suspension. Overflow incontinence may also result from detrusor hypotonicity or detrusor underactivity (Resnick & Yalla, 1998).