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A popular term for the refusal of insurers to cover high-risk persons—e.g., those with heart disease, family history of cancer, etc. —or high-risk occupations—aka industry screening
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Alex Salmond yesterday announced new guidelines will force blacklisting firms to declare whether they breached relevant laws before being allowed to bid for further work.
The effects of blacklisting can be devastating on individuals who find themselves unable to work in their chosen trade.
GMB asked Dianne Hughes if she would join other human resources professionals, and talk to us about blacklisting, to get to the truth, but instead she threatened litigation.
Companies bidding for such work should understand that they are providing services to the local taxpayer and that anyone engaging in blacklisting and bidding for work off the taxpayer are not welcome in Newcastle".
CAMPAIGN: Protesters from the Unite union gather outside Liverpool Town Hall to protest against the blacklisting of construction workers
Blacklisting people for their political beliefs was wrong back in 1953 and it's wrong today.
Blacklisting was first revealed in 2009 when the Information Commissioner's Office seized a database of 3213 names of construction workers and environmental activists used by more than 40 companies.
Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery, inset, yesterday compared blacklisting to phone hacking because it "destroyed the lives of many innocent people".
The recent rash of zombie spam army attacks highlights why only whitelisting or blacklisting alone is insufficient means of fighting spam.
AN MSP has called for an urgent public inquiry into claims that blacklisting of workers is still happening.
Steve Murphy, general secretary of UCATT, said: "This is a major step forward in discovering the full truth about blacklisting and winning justice for blacklisted workers.
I WRITE to emphasise Carillion''s position regarding blacklisting of employees in the construction industry following Marc Waddington's recent report about the issue (Scandal of the blacklists, ECHO, January 15).