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a plug of keratin and sebum within the dilated orifice of a hair follicle. The dark color is caused not by dirt but by the discoloring effect of air on the sebum in the clogged pore. Infection may cause it to develop into a pustule or boil. See also acne vulgaris. Called also open comedo.
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1. A skin lesion consisting of a hair follicle that is occluded with sebum and keratin, appearing black at the surface.
2. An infectious disease of turkeys and some wildfowl that is caused by a protozoan (Histomonas meleagridis) and results in lesions of the intestine and liver. Also called enterohepatitis, histomoniasis, infectious enterohepatitis.
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A blocked sebaceous gland which is open to air, where the secretions oxidise, turning black.
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Open comedo A blocked sebaceous gland which is open to air, where the secretions oxidize, turning black. Cf Whitehead.
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A disease chiefly affecting turkeys, caused by Histomonas meleagridis and characterized by ulcerative and necrotic lesions of the liver and cecum, acute onset, and a high mortality rate. It is transmitted inside the eggs of the nematode Heterakis gallinae, which is primarily responsible for maintaining and spreading the infection.
Synonym(s): blackhead (2) .

o·pen com·e·do

(ō'pĕn kom'ĕ-dō)
A comedo with a wide opening on the skin surface capped with a melanin-containing blackened mass of epithelial debris.
Synonym(s): blackhead (1) .
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An accumulation of fatty sebaceous material in a sebaceous gland or hair follicle, with oxidation of the outer layer, causing a colour change from white to dark brown or black. Blackheads, or comedones, occur in the skin disorder ACNE.
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A plug of fatty cells capped with a blackened mass.
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Patient discussion about blackhead

Q. I have this blackhead on my cheek area for about a year..,How do I remove it?

A. This type of blackhead you are describing sounds like comedonal (non-inflammatory) acne, as opposed to acne that is inflammatory or severe inflammatory (which usually will not remain for a year on the skin). There are many basic local treatments which can be found at pharmacies over-the-counter. Whether it is gel or cream (which are rubbed into the pores over the affected region), bar soaps or washes - it is important to keep the skin clean of bacteria, that may worsen blackheads.

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meleagridis was obtained from blackhead outbreaks in turkey showing no response to medication from Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2013.
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If the cells reach the skin surface, they mix with melanin (skin pigment) and turn dark--presto, blackhead. But when normal skin bacteria invade a clogged pore, infection-fighting white blood cells rush to the rescue.