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Before they would embark on 13 February 1916 aboard A28 HMAT Miltiades, training continued at Blackboy Hill.
24 (480m): Anahi Girl, Diamond Power, Viking Dolly, Puckane Fire, Blackboy Steve (W), Tullymurry Tonto (W).
58 (480m): Black Judiciary, Breeda's Champ, Stay Sane, Billis Nugget, Castle Gale Tim (W), Blackboy William (W).
They] had blackboy gum and red tail feathers and white tail feathers of the cockatoo, which I had never seen or heard of north of Perth .
At Blackboy Hill Camp he joined the machine-gun section where he became a close friend of Percy Black.
The walls of blackboy rush, bags, and odds and ends, meet at an apex 6ft from the ground.
38 (480m): Till Acer, Stay On Well, Nyla Louise, Alannas Diamond, Blackboy Steve (W), Hillview Hooker (W).
27 1, JUMEIRAH HOTLILY (4), 5-2; 2, Blackboy William (6), 5-1; 4.
The Blue & White Diamond is the history of the 28th Australian Infantry Battalion from its formation in 1915 at Blackboy Hill in Western Australia until its disbandment in 1919.
Reserves: Ardscull Lady, Ballyhill Diva, Blackboy Steve (W), Blackhouse Lace, Canada Trip (W), Cleveland Joe (W), Direct Point (W), Hillview Pepsi, I Am The Man, Shenanigans, Sophies Bella, Star Of Dreams, Stay On Lass (W), Till Dusk, Tornaroy Tabasco.
18 (480m): Forever After, Bransa Bear, Lacryma Christi, Stay Sane, Blackboy William (W), Make Me Live (W).
With the outbreak of the war, major training camps were set up in all states--at Enoggera in Queensland; at Liverpool, Menangle and Richmond in New South Wales; at Broadmeadows, Bendigo and Seymour in Victoria; at Mitcham in South Australia; at Blackboy Hill in Western Australia; and at Claremont in Tasmania.