A popular term for the refusal of insurers to cover high-risk persons—e.g., those with heart disease, family history of cancer, etc. —or high-risk occupations—aka industry screening
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13 expanded anti-nuclear sanctions against Iran, black-listing Iran's top nuclear official Dr Fereydoon Abbasi (head of the Atomic Energy Organisation and target of a failed 2010 assassination attempt in Tehran which Iran said was the work of Israeli operatives), other figures and several firms.
Not only does it force airlines to act, black-listing can also free up public funds to help companies improve standards, and the European Commission has decided to use the momentum to push for a global list.
The US Treasury on June 16 announced new sanctions on Iran, including black-listing a state-controlled bank, companies which are fronts for the IRISL, and IRGC's air force and missile commands.
An un-named UNSC diplomat was quoted by Reuters as saying the new black-listings, which were proposed by Britain last month, were the first additions since the council adopted its last sanctions resolution on Iran in June 2010.