black urine

black u·rine

the dark urine of melanuria or hemoglobinuria.
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A clinical finding which may be pathological or nonpathological

Pathological Excess of various pigments, including homogentisic acid—e.g., methemoglobin, haemoglobin, alkaptonuria
Nonpathological Presence in the urine of cascara, iron-sorbitol-citric acid complexes, levodopa, radiocontrast media, methocarbamol, naphthol, phenols, pyrogallol, salicylates, diatrizoates
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Ochronosis (alkaptonuria) or black urine disease is an autosomal recessive metabolic disease and occurs due to homogentisic acid oxidase (HGAO) enzyme deficiency.
Although black urine and higher HGA levels were seen in the neonatal period, the onset of clinical symptoms is delayed until the second or third decades of life, whereas pigmentation of cartilages develops in childhood (3).
There are a number of causes for even darker, that is, black urine: iron, laxatives (cascara/senna), rhabdomyolysis, alpha-methyldopa, cresol, L-dopa, metronidazole, nitrofurantoin, methocarbamol, sorbitol, alcaptonuria, porphyria, and metastatic melanoma.
He said it was the only other time in his career (the first one was in his bout against Tim Bradley) when he did his doping test and I had black urine.
Alcaptonuria (black urine disease) is a rare inherited genetic disorder of phenylalanine and tyrosine metabolism with hiperpigmentation of skin, sclera, cartilages, degenerative ochronic arthropathies.
Symptoms include black and brittle cartilage; calcified blood vessels; ruptured tendons and ligaments; kidney and prostate stones; black urine; black spots in the ears and eyes.
Head of Clinical Pharmacology at the University, Dr Mohammed Sbou', said that cases diagnosed with the genetically-transmitted (black urine) disease (Alkaptonuria) had been found in various areas of the southern governorate, adding that international ratio of the disease is estimated at 4 cases
Some people have slightly red or even black urine. In rare cases, an attack may cause seizures.
For example, a dark yellow to orange color may signify the presence of bilirubin, which is indicative of liver disease and/or biliary-tract obstruction, while brown and/or black urine may be caused by the presence of melanin or homogentisic acid.
This mild disease that causes arthritis and black urine is due to a single base pair substitution at either the 690th or the 901st position of nucleotides making up the third human chromosome.
Third day: in the morning and until the middle of the day, he seemed without fever; then in the evening, acute fever, sweating, thirst, black urine; a miserable night...