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These symptoms comprise headache, diarrhea, hair loss, indigestion, vomiting or nausea, backache, unusual bleeding or bruising, cloudy and bloody urine, fever and cough, tarry or black stools, painful and/or frequent urination, swelling of lips, eyelids, tongue and face.
Petechiae (small red spots or purple splotches or blisters under the skin), bleeding in the nose or gums, black stools or easy bruising are all possible signs of hemorrhage.
Tension and a state of insecurity is gradually brewing at Osiem, near Akyem Tafo in the Abuakwa North Municipality of the Eastern Region, following the alleged loss of three black stools belonging to the Osiem Amponfi Ahenfie.
I also like to warn the patients that they may have black stools, and old blood clots in the nasal passages can take up to two months to remove.
Finally, position these on black stools for a quirky alternative to a traditional lamp table and lasso that Ranch-inspired style.
It's only when liver damage is quite severe that the effects are more obvious - such as jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin), problems with bleeding, drowsiness, fever, swollen abdomen and legs, tarry black stools or vomiting blood.
Zulfiqar was vomiting with blood from his mouth, nose and ears whereas he was also under severe attack of diarrhoea and abdominal pain along with black stools (faeces).
One day in early December 2013 -- earold child from Gueckedou town in Guinea, West Africa, developed high fever, black stools, and vomiting.
Hard, dry, lumpy, black stools or stools resembling sheep dung are a notable feature with Plumbum met.
The singles section can seat almost 18 diners at once in their square shaped white tables or on their burger bar with high black stools.
Therefore, if you are taking an anti-inflammatory and you develop upper abdominal pains, pass blood or black stools, or vomit blood, then stop taking the tablets and see a doctor as soon as possible, or go to a casualty department.
Small red or purple blisters under the skin, bleeding in the nose or gums, black stools, or easy bruising are all possible signs of hemorrhage.