black root

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Dried rhizome and roots of Veronicastrum virginicum (family Serophulariaceae). Indigenous to North America. Formerly used as a cathartic.
Synonym(s): black root, Culver root
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Culver’s root

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb, the root of which has leptandrin, resin, saponins, tannins and volatile oil; it is laxative, and has been used for chronic indigestion and liver disorders.
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black root

(blak rūt)
Herbal made from Veronicastrum virginicum; foul-tasting, used as an emetic and cathartic; purported value in therapy for hepatic and biliary disorders. Hepatotoxicity reported.
Synonym(s): Culver's root, high veronica, physic root, tall speedwell, veronica.
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By sowing field pea or bean, therefore, the spread of bacterial black root of cotton may be facilitated.
By comparison with long-fallow cotton, soil nitrate-N in the 0.30-0.60 m depth in 1995 was higher with continuous cotton, and may be caused by a reduction in nitrogen uptake in the latter due to the greater severity of black root rot disease (Table 6).
The new inoculation technique identifies plants that carry genes that block the I gene's ability to cause black root. These genes, bc-2-2 and bc-3, complement the I gene's ability to confer resistance to BCMV.
FC710 (4X) does not have tolerance to the Beet curly top virus and has never been tested for resistance to black root.
DFS: And talking about the importance of black roots in Mexico and taking into account the son jarocho and all the jarocha music in Veracruz, do you think this is helping Mexicans, in general, to preserve, historically speaking, the African influence that is part of a unique identity?
Despite the pain of seeing his children waste away, Gatkoy is determined to stay for at least two months, when the rains come, and only if he has stockpiled enough black roots to see the family through the next six months.
Black roots with fair hair, yellow teeth and sunburn were also listed.
Board of Education before the Supreme Court and later went on to become a Supreme Court Justice himself; Loren Miller, who learned of his black roots in college and went on to become a Marxist critic of his fellow black lawyers and a leading civil rights advocate; and Pauli Murray, whose experiences as a black woman in the courts led to her playing a key role in the articulation of sex discrimination as a category of law.
Harding's detractors about his supposed Black roots: "It is evident to all that the man is mostly White.
"He had peroxide blond hair with black roots with a very short fringe and spoke with a local accent.
The mixed-race star's fast-paced, rhythmic and irreverent Chuck Berry-like lyrics wedded to Little Richard's roof-raising penchant for screaming abandon (Let's Go Crazy) underlined the black roots of rock 'n' roll.
Depot the plant, observe the brown to black roots, and the wet condition of the soil.