black radish

black radish,

n Latin name:
Raphanus sativus var.
niger; part used: leaves, seeds, roots; uses: anthelmintic, inhibition of bacterial and fungal growth, scurvy, prevention or relief of spasms or cramps, contraction of bodily tissues, flatulence, increased flow of bile to intestines, stomachic, diuretic, expectorant, induce bowel evacuation, stimulate appetite, asthma, indigestion, abdominal bloating, relieve acid regurgitation, diarrhea, bronchitis, wound healing; precautions: digestive disorders, can cause miosis, pain, vomiting, slowed respiration, stupor, and albuminuria. Also called
oriental radish.
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2 MANY varieties were established from the Mediterranean to the Orient as it was cultivated giving us the red radish, the large white radish and the black radish.
Therefore, this study was carried out in order to determine the effect of different sowing dates and landraces on yield and some qualitative characteristics of black radish in Fars province.
The seven-course menu costs PS65 and diners can feast on delights such as ox cheek, scallop with caviar and black radish, pan-fried wood pigeon with liver parfait and beetroot, rare-breed suckling pig and rich chocolate bar with popcorn ice cream.
Slice kohlrabi, beets, daikon, and black radish into very thin (Vie-in.
The black radish is passed around the tables: bitter is not a hit in this classroom.
Their emphasis of heirloom varieties of vegetables like Jacob's Cattle beans, Round Black radish, Moon & Stars watermelon, Black Krim tomato and Alderman peas provides a welcome opportunity to acquire and grow vegetables that have praise-worthy track records reaching back more than 100 years.
15 for a monthOs supply) combines this herb with black radish and curcumin to support liver and gall bladder function (not recommended for hepatitis or liver cancer sufferers).
Allesley Park Walled Garden Group is harvesting some of the new season's vegetables - including 150-year-old varieties of lettuce, purple cauliflower, black radish and white carrots.
Standard Process focuses mainly on short-season crops, such as buckwheat, kidney beans, Spanish black radish and barley grass.
R]), a whole food supplement company in Palmyra, WI, examined whether phytochemicals unique to Spanish Black Radish induced Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification enzymes.
For the pollock: 1 8-ounce pollock fillet For the pollock crisps: 1/2 gallon canola oil 2 ounces pollock slices, from above Salt to taste For the truffle dressing: 2 ounces black truffles 2 teaspoons white vinegar 1/8 cup olive oil Salt and freshly ground white pepper to taste To serve: Almond oil, as needed 1/2 Granny Smith apple, seeded and thinly sliced on mandoline 1/2 black radish, thinly sliced on mandoline For the garnish: Black truffle shavings Freshly grated lemon zest Finely chopped chives Almond oil
For standing through the winter in most parts of the country, the Spanish Black Radish is best.