black piedra

black pi·e·dra

piedra involving the hairs of the scalp, caused by Piedraia hortae and characterized by firmly adherent black, hard, gritty nodules composed of an organized, firmly cemented mass of fungus cells; the fungal growth is always located above the level of the hair follicles; the disease occurs in humid tropical areas of the Americas, Africa, and Asia, and attacks chimpanzees and other primates as well as humans.
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A superficial phaeohyphomycosis of the tropical Americas and Indonesia, affecting the stratum corneum of hair shafts with little or no deep tissue response
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black Pi·e·dra

(blak pē-ā'dră)
A fungal infection that affects the hair shaft; hard, gritty, brown-to-black crusts composed of hyphal elements are characteristic features; common in tropic areas. Piedraia hortae is the causative agent.
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