biuret test

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a urea derivative; its presence is detected after addition of sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate solutions by a pinkish-violet color (protein test) or a pink and finally a bluish color (urea test).
biuret reaction the reaction in biuret tests.
biuret test either of the tests done with biuret.
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bi·u·ret test

a test for the determination of serum proteins, based on the reaction of an alkaline copper reagent with substances containing two or more peptide bonds to produce a violet-blue color.
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biuret test

A colourimetric urine test for identifying peptides and proteins using the biuret reagent (sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate).
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bi·u·ret re·ac·tion

, biuret test (bī'yŭr-et' rē-ak'shŭn, bī'yŭr-et' test)
The formation of biuret, which gives a violet color because of the reaction of a polypeptide of more than three amino acids with CuSO4 in strongly alkaline solution; used for the detection and quantitation of polypeptides or protein in biologic fluids.
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Bradford method evidently showed higher sensitivity for proteins than Biuret test. However, the two methods were consistent enough in providing a sufficient evidence of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of protein in Amniotic Membrane.
The biuret test is a chemical test used for detecting the presence of peptide bonds.