bitter orange

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bit·ter or·ange

(bit'ĕr ōr'ănj)
The fruit of Citrus aurantium; clinical reports suggest use as an antiviral, in treating gastrointestinal and dermatologic disorders. Some have used it as an appetite suppressant (after the ban on ephedra), but severe and frequent adverse effects have been reported (seizure, cardiovascular disorders).
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bitter orange

A citrus tree, Citrus aurantium, whose oils are used in some cultures as an oral remedy for gastrointestinal conditions such as constipation or nausea. Bitter orange is commonly used in dietary supplements as an aid to fat loss and as an appetite suppressant.


Bitter orange can worsen cardiovascular disease and glaucoma.
Synonym: zhi shi
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For the bitter orange marmalade, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the bitter orange juice, sugar, and orange slices.
Spread some bitter orange marmalade onto each slice and set aside.
This beer is bitter-sweet when the malt background comes through in the initial taste before the intense bitterness of the Columbus hops used to brew this Eastbound takes over to produce a long-lasting aftertaste of bitter oranges.
SEVILLE or bitter oranges which are in the shops now have a very short season of only two to three weeks.
Unless Jose inspires his charges to the rare levels seen yesterday, Sevilla - once famed for its bitter oranges - could leave him with a decidedly sour Champions League taste in his mouth.
The spirits are infused with a century old family recipe of herbs and fruit, including assenzio gentile, anise, vanilla, rhubarb, ginseng and bitter orange. A second floral infusion of delicate peach and apricot blossoms adds a delightful aromatic component to the liqueur.
'The process in which we harvest and distill our oranges is highly specific: we use only one variety of wild bitter orange, the Citrus Bigaradia, which is grown in our family plantation in the French West Indies.