bitter apple

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The peeled dried fruit of Citrullus colcynthis (family Cucurbitaceae), an herb that grows on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, resembling somewhat the watermelon plant; formerly widely used as a cathartic and laxative.
Synonym(s): bitter apple
[G. kolokynthē, the round gourd or pumpkin]


A homeopathic remedy used for colic, neuralgia caused by suppressed emotions, gastric pain, headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting, gout, rheumatic complaints, and vertigo.

bitter apple,

n Latin name:
Citrullus colocynthus; part used: fruit pulp; uses: only in very small doses as a cathartic; precautions: can be poisonous; can cause severe pain and irritation, bloody discharge, inflammation of bowel. Also called
bitter cucumber and
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