bitter apple

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The peeled dried fruit of Citrullus colcynthis (family Cucurbitaceae), an herb that grows on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, resembling somewhat the watermelon plant; formerly widely used as a cathartic and laxative.
Synonym(s): bitter apple
[G. kolokynthē, the round gourd or pumpkin]


A homeopathic remedy used for colic, neuralgia caused by suppressed emotions, gastric pain, headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting, gout, rheumatic complaints, and vertigo.

bitter apple,

n Latin name:
Citrullus colocynthus; part used: fruit pulp; uses: only in very small doses as a cathartic; precautions: can be poisonous; can cause severe pain and irritation, bloody discharge, inflammation of bowel. Also called
bitter cucumber and
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sacra Sheehaz (Burseraceae) mogar Mountain/felty Kalpooreh, Teucrium mascatense germander qasba (Lamiaceae) or Cat thyme Bitter apple Sharinjiban, Solatium incanum mazi (Solanaceae) St Joseph's wort, Theemran Ocimum basilicum sweet basil zawab (Tamiaceae) Jacobeastrum Kabouv Euryops arabicus arabicum (Compositae) Cumin Kimoon or Cuminum cyminum Sanoot (Umbelliferae) Papaya fruits Pawpaw or Carica papaya fifay (Caricaceae) Walnuts Joz or nakash Juglans cinerea (Juglandaceae) Rhazya Harmal Rhazya stricta (Apocynaceae) Miracle tree Shu Moringa peregrina (Moringaceae) Aloe plant Isqafsabbar Aloe barbedensis A.
From the previous results we can recommend for use the extract of the bitter apple, C.
Table 1: Biological effect of the bitter apple, Citrullus colocynthis (50%) against the housefly larvae, Musca domestica using feeding application technique Larval Pupal Adult Conc.
Bitter apple plants Citrullus colocynthis, also known as bitter cucumber and colocynth or desert gourd, belong to the family of Cucurbitaceae and have a wide distribution, being commonly found in the sandy lands of India, Arabia, West Asia, and Tropical Africa and in the Mediterranean region (Pravin et al.
Some of the most interesting tastes can be produced by blending sweet apples with crab apples or other bitter apples that you'd never eat fresh.
Those with the most antioxidants contained fruit with high phenolics levels, such as Yarlington Mill, Medaille D'Or and Ashton Bitter apples.
In this kind of argument, factual statements connect with an injunction by means of a conditional if-then statement, based on a value that someone holds: "If you don't want to get sick, you must not eat bitter apples.