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Of or relating to insects and certain other animals that wound the skin with a sting, mouthparts, or fangs.

bit′ing·ly adv.
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Patient discussion about biting

Q. does mosquito bites considered as an edema a bet with a friend- please help solve an issue an help me win a new I pod :)

A. (don't take the mini i-pod, it sucks). it's true-the mosquito has a number of proteins and materials in his saliva that works as anticoagulants and vasodilators (blood vessel broadening). these causes the bite area to start an immune reaction and one of the consequences is an edema-"an increase of interstitial fluid in any organ", that means fluids are exiting blood system. in this case- not too much...

Q. What is this mosquito bite that became a rash?? I was bitten by a mosquito a few hours ago and the bite turned in to a red rash that spreaded all over my body. It's already starting to disappear but I would really like to know what was it! If you have any ideas...please share with me...

A. What you describe may be urticaria (hives). It's a kind of allergic reaction to many stimuli, including drugs, infections, foods etc, and in your case-insect bite. The rash is red-pink and elevated above the normal skin level, and lesions come and go in a matter of hours, an eventually disappears. There may also be a feeling of itching.

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Q. an insect bite seems infected and is bleeding... the area under the skin is hard and sore... when pressed it bleeds quite a bit

A. It sounds like you have cellulitis around the area of the bite, and you should see a doctor to decide whether or not this requires antibiotics.

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