biting pressure

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oc·clu·sal pres·sure

any force exerted upon the occlusal surfaces of teeth.
Synonym(s): biting pressure

biting pressure

The pressure exerted on the teeth during biting. Synonym:
See also: pressure

bit·ing pres·sure

(bīting preshŭr)
Force applied between the maxillary and mandibular teeth resulting from contraction of the masticatory elevator muscles.
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Once its RFID tags are able to withstand this biting pressure - expected in the weeks ahead, Advanced ID will continue its field trials.
The biting pressure (b) is modified by the repellent efficacy (r) and the proportion of the community (c) that accepts regular use of a repellent.
Applying the above parameters for vector and human infection rates, we hypothesized that significant transmission occurs over a seven-month season, with a mean biting pressure (for people not protected from malaria vectors by other measures) of 40 bites per night.