biting midge

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biting midge

Any of various minute, biting flies of the family Ceratopogonidae. Also called no-see-um, punkie, sandfly.


pertaining to the characteristic behavior of performing a bite.

biting louse
see species of the insect suborder mallophaga.
biting midge
insects of the family ceratopogonidae. Called also punkies, no-see-ums, sandflies.
biting pattern
the pattern of distribution of bites, or of diseases transmitted by insect bites, which may suggest the identity of the biter.
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Spread by biting midges rather than by contact between horses, the disease causes fatal lesions, affecting the respiratory and circulatory systems.
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Once biting midges are attracted by the device, they are sucked inside and collected in a bag.
Once biting midges are attracted by the device they are sucked inside and collected in a bag.
Punkie - These flies are also called biting midges or "no-see-ums," the latter name referring to their small size.