biting louse

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bit·ing louse

, chewing lousefeather louse
ectoparasites (order Mallophaga) chiefly found on birds, where they feed on feathers, hair, epidermal debris, and (less commonly) on blood; they possess nipperlike, heavily sclerotized mandibles and a characteristic broad head; many species are host specific.

biting louse

Any of numerous lice that have chewing mouthparts and feed on the feathers, fur, and skin of birds and mammals. Also called chewing louse.


pertaining to the characteristic behavior of performing a bite.

biting louse
see species of the insect suborder mallophaga.
biting midge
insects of the family ceratopogonidae. Called also punkies, no-see-ums, sandflies.
biting pattern
the pattern of distribution of bites, or of diseases transmitted by insect bites, which may suggest the identity of the biter.