bitemporal hemianopsia

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bi·tem·po·ral hemianopsia

(bī-tĕm′pər-əl, -tĕm′prəl)
Blindness in the temporal field of vision of both eyes.
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This is a rare case of metastatic small cell lung cancer with initial clinical presentation of bitemporal hemianopsia related to pituitary metastasis.
Physical examination demonstrated bitemporal hemianopsia; the neurological examination was otherwise unremarkable.
A 42-year-old man presented with bitemporal hemianopsia and decreased visual acuity.
A 44-year-old woman presented with dizziness, headache, and progressive bitemporal hemianopsia for about 1 month.
The most common visual field disturbance is bitemporal hemianopsia, and contiguous spread of the tumor to the adjacent cavernous sinus most commonly produces cranial nerve III and IV dysfunction (1).
Bitemporal hemianopsia and superior temporal visual field defect are found most frequently.
He could only finger count in the right eye and had an additional bitemporal hemianopsia on visual field testing.
Most of the patients with LHON reported in the literature had central or centrocecal scotoma, [6, 22]; however, VF defects mimicking bitemporal hemianopsia have also been described in LHON patients [23].
Neuro-ophthalmological evaluation revealed that the patient had slight bitemporal hemianopsia. Hormone levels and biomarkers of gonioma were with normal ranges.