biting pressure

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oc·clu·sal pres·sure

any force exerted upon the occlusal surfaces of teeth.
Synonym(s): biting pressure

biting pressure

The pressure exerted on the teeth during biting. Synonym:
See also: pressure

bit·ing pres·sure

(bīting preshŭr)
Force applied between the maxillary and mandibular teeth resulting from contraction of the masticatory elevator muscles.
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Sexual size dimorphisms and bite force in the Northern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria coerulea.
Although larger size sharks will exert higher values of bite force, the relative value of bite force is what matters, pound per pound how strong is the bite?
In "Insights into the Ecology and Evolutionary Success of Crocodilians Revealed through Bite-Force and Tooth-Pressure Experimentation," the researchers detail their examination of the bite force and tooth pressure of every species of alligator, crocodile, caiman, and gharial.
The tooth plates are interlocked, distributing bite force across the whole jaw rather than on a single point (Maschner 2000).
The study tested the bite force of more than 206 children, aged three to five.
The fierce ocean predators have a bite force of about 1.
Comparison of fracture strength of teeth in the present study with maximum bite force in primary teeth: There is great variability in studies regarding occlusal forces.
Sereno and croc expert Brady Barr estimate the whole critter was about 40 feet long, with its jaw boasting a probable bite force of a whopping 18,000 pounds.
The analysis showed that Allosaurus had a weak bite force and a relatively flexible lower jaw.
Mr Klardie applied a lateral bite force on the left side of the jaw and also applied the resulting muscle reaction forces to the bone.
Equally impressive, the jaws of trap-jaw ants can produce a bite force 300 times their own body weight -- stronger than that of a shark's.