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On the basis of previous research, we propose the following neural network model to study the characteristics, bistability, directivity, and spontaneity, of the up and down transitions that have been observed in electrophysiology experiments.
In the case of bistability, when the system acts like a bistable multivibrator (flip-flop circuit), the winner maybe determined by the initial conditions.
The researchers believe their modular approach to investigate the role of multiple feedback loops could also be used to unravel mechanisms that other bacteria use to control bistability.
It is also found that the two parameters have their own characteristics on the overall absorption amplitude and absorption peak position; it has potential applications in optical sensors, optical filters, optical switches, and low-threshold optical bistability and even electromagnetically induced transparency.
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As a result of interactions between numerous intracellular or extracellular biomolecules, complex cellular behaviors could be easily found, such as bistability [8-12], oscillation [13-18], birhythmicity [19-24], hard excitation, and even chaotic phenomena.