bismuth oxychloride

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bis·muth ox·y·chlor·ide

basic bismuth chloride, used for the same purposes as the subnitrate.
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The filler Ioadings chosen for the barium sulfate, bismuth subcarbonate, and bismuth oxychloride were 20% and 40%.
Bismuth oxychloride (BO) provided the most dramatic increase for the softest grade of resin, with an increase in tensile and flexural properties of 140% and 73%, respectively.
Also, for the plastics, inks and coatings industry is our newly redeveloped product line of bismuth oxychloride pigments known as Biflair[R].
Bismuth oxychloride pigment dispersions for liquid metal effects
These effects are due to plate-like crystals of bismuth oxychloride that have a silver-white transparent appearance.
Also from EMD Chemicals is Biflair, a pigment made from synthetically produced bismuth oxychloride crystals which are easily identified by their symmetrical octagon shape, transparency and narrow particle size distribution.
According to the company, these are suspensions of finely crystalline bismuth oxychloride pigments that are available in a number of ink, coatings and polymer resin bases.
Include Glass Flakes, Silica Flakes, Alumina Flakes, Mica Flakes, Synthetic Mica and Bismuth Oxychloride, Eusolex[R] UV Pearls OB-S, RonaCare[R] Cyclopeptide-5
Newly redeveloped product line known as Bi-Flair[R] Bismuth Oxychloride Pigment dispersions for plastics, inks and coatings.
Include a wide variety of technologies such as Class Flakes, Silica Flakes, Alumina Flakes, Mica and Synthetic Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Eusolex UV Pearls, RonaCare[R] Cyclopeptide -5 and many other unique products
The pearlescent agent is an inorganic pearlescent agent selected from mica, metal oxide coated mica, bismuth oxychlo-ride coated mica, bismuth oxychloride, glass, metal oxide coated glass and mixtures thereof.