bismuth oxide

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bis·muth ox·ide

used for the same purposes as the subnitrate.
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In Biodentine, Zirconium oxide is used as a radiopacifier whereas, bismuth oxide is used as a radiopacifier in MTA.
Hofmann, "Effect of bismuth oxide radiopacifier content on the material properties of an endodontic Portland cement-based (MTAlike) system," Journal of Endodontics, vol.
01 The fuel cell's ceramic plates are made with powders based on cerium oxide, perovskite, nickel oxide, and bismuth oxide.
A portion of calcium silicate cement (CSC; Irajazinho Votorantim, Cimento Rio Branco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) was mixed with 0%, 15%, 20%, 30% and 50% of bismuth oxide (BO; Merck, New Jersey, USA), proportioned in weight using an electronic analytic scale (Mettler Toledo PG5002-S, Sao Paulo, Brazil).
70% Portland cements, 20% bismuth oxide and 5% gypsum by weight.
These studies showed that the only difference between PC and MTA materials is the bismuth oxide [ Funteas et al.
Body centered cubic bismuth oxide is now believed to be a mixed valence compound with a formula [Bi.
of Missouri at Rolla have shown that the high-temperature cubic form of bismuth oxide, which has very high oxidation mobility, can be stabilized at lower temperatures, opening up possibilities for new oxygen sensors, fuel-cell substrates, and oxygen pumps.
They said they created moving vortices in a bismuth oxide superconductor film by applying a magnetic field above absolute temperature at 85 Kelvin (-188 C) and making slight changes in the magnetic field.
A smooth-textured, pale lime-green clay-like material forming rounded cores and patches in chrysocolla is a poorly crystalline bismuth oxide.
The original member of the family, barium lead bismuth oxide, becomes a superconductor below 12 kelvins.