bisecting-angle technique

bisecting-angle technique,

bisecting-angle technique, central ray direction for,
n a technique used when taking a periapical survey where the ray should be directed through the apical third of the targeted teeth. The maxillary apices can be determined by imagining a line from the tragus of the ear to the ala of the nose, which is roughly the level where the apices are located. The manibular apices are located about a half an inch above the bottom of the mandible.
bisecting-angle technique, film placement and position for,
n a technique when taking a periapical survey that uses the bisecting angle technique in which the film center should be centered on the teeth being radiographed, except for a maxillary canine film, which is arranged slightly farther from the front and center of the jaw; the film should be kept flat as much as possible.
bisecting-angle technique, patient position for,
n a technique for taking a periapical survey using the bisecting-angle technique in which the patient should be positioned so that their sagittal plane is at a right angle to the floor, and the occlusal plane is parallel to the floor.