Birthday Suit

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What one is wearing when one is naked
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THE BIRTHDAY SUIT - A HOLLOW HOLE OF RICHES ERSTWHILE Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones was never easily going to eclipse his prior achievements, but his new outfit, The Birthday Suit, are certainly growing in stature.
Most of us would prefer him in his birthday suit, though.
After John Abraham pulled down his shorts and did the full monty in New York and Neil Nitin Mukesh dropped his clothes in Jail , get ready for yet another actor who plans to don his birthday suit.
But 40% of men choose to go to bed in their birthday suit.
Member James McKinney, who enjoys being in his birthday suit better than sinking a pint, said the naked truth is that there are a lot of likeminded people in Northern Ireland but there is nowhere for them to go.
Eagle-eyed Hancock spies spotted the cheeky chappy running around the Bristol Road South, Northfield, in nothing but his birthday suit straight after the Ricky Hatton v Floyd Mayweather bout in the early hours of Sunday.
Staff at Thorpe Park in Surrey hit on the idea for a birthday suit stunt to mark the attraction's own 25th birthday.
htm) After stripping down to her birthday suit during a performance at London's G-A-Y club in October , it seems that Lady Gaga has a new-found love for public nudity.
Kate will strip down to her birthday suit for a full-frontal spread that will be shot by fashion photographers Marcus Pigott and Mert Atlas.
But it''s not just her birthday suit brush with the prototype Beatles which matters.
LUSCIOUS Luce, 21, looks stunning in her birthday suit.