Leboyer, Frederick

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Frederick, French obstetrician.
Leboyer method - babies are allowed to be born without harsh lights and loud noise, placed gently on mother's abdomen, and allowed to take the first breath in their own time, before the umbilical cord is cut. Synonym(s): birth without violence
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"Birth Without Violence: A Revised Edition of the Classic That Changed the Way Children are Met When They Enter Our World" is an updated discussion of a different way of introducing children into the world, emphasizing peace that could lead to long-term benefits for both mother and child.
Frederick Leboyer's 1970 Birth Without Violence (Knopf), which considered the birth experience from the point of view of the infant, leaned heavily on impassioned photography.
In 1975 French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer called for a new approach to birth without violence. His colleagues denied the need for change and publicly recited the myth that babies really do not feel or care.