birth control pill

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birth control pill

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birth control pill

 Oral contraceptive, see there.
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birth con·trol pill

(bĭrth kŏn-trōl' pil)
Oral medication containing estrogen alone or combined with progesterone; used to prevent conception.
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birth control pill

A class of medicines taken orally to control conception. They contain synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone or synthetic progesterone alone.
See: contraceptive
See also: pill
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Patient discussion about birth control pill

Q. how long after i have stop taking birth control pills can i get pregnant?

A. After you stop taking the pill, you may have only a two-week delay before you ovulate again. Once ovulation resumes, you can become pregnant. If this happens during your first cycle off the pill, you may not have a period at all. However, although possible, this scenario isn't likely.

Q. If a woman starts taking birth control pills... how long does she have to wait untill able to have sex without getting pregnant??

A. birth control pills are usually effective the first month you begin taking it. To be safe, some doctors recommend the use of another form of birth control, such as latex condoms (rubbers) and foam, during the first month. After the first month, you can just use HC for birth control.

Q. Is there any natural supplement for birth control pills?? there has to be!!! I'm tired of puting chimicals in my body.. maybe something from chinese medicine?

A. any natural material when coming in large quantities can damage. sex hormones are a natural thing. chines medicine does not have something more "natural" then the body regular hormones.

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Diane-35 is comprised of synthetic anti-androgen cyproterone acetate and synthetic estrogen ethinyl estradiol, making it as effective at preventing pregnancy as all birth control pills, although it has never been approved as a contraceptive.
Birth control pills are synthetic forms of the hormones progesterone and estrogen taken by women to prevent pregnancy.
Also, birth control pills do not protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that causes AIDS.
If you frequently skip periods due to PCOS, being overweight or underweight, or because of another disorder, your health care professional may recommend birth control pills containing estrogen and progestin to ensure regular cycles.
The Ortho Evra contraceptive patch exposes women to higher steady state estrogen levels than do most birth control pills, and concerns that such exposure could increase the risk for blood clots prompted an update to the product's label.
study was to survey parents on their beliefs about the effectiveness of condoms and the birth control pill as well as parents' beliefs about adolescents' abilities to use these methods correctly.
The advent of the birth control pill in the middle of the last century marked the beginning of a sexual revolution, but one housed in ancient socio-political debates.
Due to irregular monthly periods (too often and too long) attributed to perimenopause, my doctor recommended that I use the birth control pill. Could you give me some advice and guidance on the effects of birth control pills in women over 40 who continue to run?
Eastern Virginia Medical School has almost completed trials of a birth control pill named Seasonale which could be on the market by next year.
But the same insurance companies fail to provide reimbursement for the birth control Pill for women.
In multipage advertisements appearing in magazines such as Glamour and Shape, Ortho uses close-up-photos of gorgeous models to plug its Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control pill as a "beauty aid" for "women 15 and over." One ad calls it "the first pill proven to control blemishes as well as prevent pregnancy." Oh, that.
The hormone birth control pill was developed to reduce testosterone and other hormone levels that produce sperm without serious side effects, CNN reported in March.