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Samuel D., Australian physician, 1833-1904. See: Bird sign.


a. Any of various warm-blooded egg-laying feathered vertebrates of the class Aves, having forelimbs modified to form wings.
b. Such an animal hunted as game.
c. Such an animal, especially a chicken or turkey, used as food: put the bird in the oven.

bird′ing n.


Abbreviation for:
Bolus vs Infusion Rescupase Development


a vertebrate organism belonging to the class Aves and characterized by the presence of feathers, the modification of the forelimbs as wings (usually for flying), a bill or beak without teeth in the jaws, internal fertilization, calcareous shelled egg(s) incubated outside the body and the ability to control body temperature.

Birds are now thought to be closely related to Theropod DINOSAURS and in fact can be considered to be living dinosaurs. See FEATHER.

Patient discussion about bird

Q. If the bird flu were to reach North America, how many people would it kill? How do you protect yourself & others? What can we do to protect ourselves against the Avian Flu which has officially begun to infect humans? How many will die?

A. It infected few people working with chickens, it can
T move around, so I wouldn’t worry too much. the chances of that happening is the same as a meteor hitting earth and destroying it, same as a nuclear war in the middle east that will wipe out half of humanity, same as all big disasters that can happen.
Unless it’s your job to worry about it (world health organization) – just try to live peaceful life.

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For most people, the term birdwatching may be confused with the terms birding and birders.
Know when to go birding. Both the time of year and the time of day help determine the types of birds you will see.
* Do take a snack and water if you go birding away from home.
Birding? "It's kind of a hobby, kind of a sport," says veteran camper Cooper Scollan, 16, of Carmel, California.
Four days after the announcement of a living ivory-billed, one of the main organizers of birding tours, Victor Emanuel of Austin, Texas, said birders were already asking whether be had plans to guide groups in Arkansas.
I do admit to trying to set up interviews with a World Series team, but we're talking about the World Series of Birding.