bird unit

bird u·nit

a unit of prolactin activity: the minimal quantity of the hormone that will cause a certain increase in weight of the crop gland of pigeons.
An obsolete semiquantitative bioassay unit corresponding to the minimum amount of prolactin required to cause a determined increase in the weight of the crop gland of pigeons
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A pledge of $69 will get backers an early bird unit with one pen and three ink cartridges on Kickstarter now.
The small mammal unit has incubators to provide a warm and comfortable environment but the busiest area is the bird unit, currently home to 70 different types of sick or injured birds.
A 10,000 bird unit will have probably cost pounds 250,000 to pounds 300,000 to re-equip," said Mr Henderson, who runs a number of farms from his base at Sunniside, near Gateshead.
Crucially, the specialist seal centre and the oiled bird unit will close.
The first grade students, standing on milk crates with T-shirt smocks to their ankles, printed feathers for their bird unit.
The decision was made to phase out the caged birds with the aim of building one new 16,000 bird unit a year at an investment which has escalated to more than pounds 400,000 each due mainly to rising steel prices.
All North Wales AMs have been invited to visit Ian Sharples' 30,000 bird unit near Ruthin today to see new enriched battery cages.
Mid Wales has seen the biggest increase, with Powys accounting for 70% of recent projects, which range from installing new egg packing equipment to building and equipping new free-range bird units.