Bird Face


(brak'ig-nā'thē-ă), In the diphthong gn, the g is silent only at the beginning of a word.
Abnormal shortness or recession of the mandible.
See also: micrognathia.
Synonym(s): bird face
[brachy- + G. gnathos, jaw]
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A popular term for the facial dysmorphia characteristic of the Pierre-Robin anomalad, consisting of high-arched, cleft palate, micrognathia, and glossoptosis resulting in a bird-like face—the mandible’s growth may normalize with time
Bird-like facies may appear alone or in association with Franceschetti (oculomandibulofacial), Hallermann-Streiff, Seckel (‘bird-head’), and Strickler (cerebrocostomandibular) syndromes
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(brak'ig-nā'thē-ă) In the diphthong gn, the g is silent only at the beginning of a word.
Abnormal shortness or recession of the mandible.
See also: micrognathia
Synonym(s): bird face.
[brachy- + G. gnathos, jaw]
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In the long standing cases, facial asymmetry is similar to mild hemifacial microsomia in unilateral cases and retrognathia, micrognathia or microgenia in bilateral cases, presenting with a bird face like appearance.8
There was a characteristic "bird face appearance" on the left side (Fig.
As the bird-mask dancer in traditional regalia steps forward, stops, and peers silently at the audience, there is a hush of anticipation, and then delight as the bird face opens to reveal another mask inside.
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The simple and effective film proposes both in its images and its rueful voice-over the animal depths of Emin's longing, a trope that also seems to play itself out in Roman Standard, 2013, her almost imperceptible public piece at Spring and Lafayette Street, where, atop a thirteen-foot pole, a tiny bird faces east, toward home and the foreign country of the past.
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