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The method below is a general "template" for reading a bird's-eye view and can be adapted for specific assignments.
The system, using four highly sensitive, high-resolution, super-wide angle radio cameras mounted on a vehicle's front, sides and rear, synthesizes a bird's-eye view of the vehicle and its surrounding environment, Sanyo said in its release.
com/wolffdesigns (for abstract artworks from bird's-eye view)
TomTom guides the driver with voice commands and a choice of bird's-eye view or 3-D view maps
Rawles gives readers a bird's-eye view of true plantation life as we follow Sadie through several masters, a number of states and at least three companions--but only one love.
Multiple viewpoints offer driver's view, bird's-eye view or user-defined viewpoint.
A trade mission of seafood importers, wholesalers and distributors from China recently got a bird's-eye view of Alaska's seafood industry.
Images captured by Eagle Eye's state-of-the-art sensor systems will be sent back in real time, vastly expanding the ship's footprint and giving commanders a bird's-eye view of the tactical picture.
From the ship's top deck, the visitors got a bird's-eye view of staged equipment that would soon be enroute to Iraq.
The DigiTrak Eclipse locating system for the HDD industry is the first tracking system to display the drill head location and locate points in a real-time bird's-eye view. The Eclipse's large display window and intuitive graphics make tracking easier and faster.
* BOULDER, COLORADO Fly like an eagle For a bird's-eye view of Rocky Mountain splendor, splurge on a soar with Mile High Gliding, which offers FAA-certified flights in high-performance sailpianes year-round out of Boulder Municipal Airport.
TTL laser autofocus allows 3D surface analysis using Nikon's proprietary Bird's-Eye View software.