bipolar magnets

bipolar magnets, magnets in which the north and south poles are adjacent. Have been used to relieve pain. See also therapy, magnetic field.
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3km long, with a busbar running through the whole of the sector to carry current for the bipolar magnets.
For instance, I generally prescribe a knee brace with 300 to 500 gauss (about 10 times the strength of a typical refrigerator magnet) - that's the form of measurement - and I recommend bipolar magnets, which means both the north and south poles are facing the knee.
2000) used bipolar magnets in their studies to reduce the pain associated with primary dysmenorrhea, postpolio syndrome, neuropathic pain and chronic back pain, respectively.
The magnetic strength of the bipolar magnets used in the study was approximately 300 G, comparable to commercially available magnets.