biplane angiography

bi·plane an·gi·og·raph·y

synchronous angiocardiography in two planes at right angles to each other or in two orthogonal planes.
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Contract notice: Restricted procedure for the supply and installation of a biplane angiography for functions neuroradiology - new hospital of cona.
Combining the intraoperative MRI with biplane angiography has allowed us to rapidly acquire an intraoperative MRI and indirectly confirm that the chemotherapy reached the site of interest," said Dr.
Biplane angiography will be reserved for difficult cases and can clearly exhibit the course of the aorta with the arch on the right side and the thoracic aorta descending on the right.
Its biplane configuration enables clinicians at The Cleveland Clinic to use the system as either a biplane angiography C-arm system or as a magnetic navigation system.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: biplane angiography cardiological system for the 3rd medical department of the university hospital st.
The Siemens portfolio of imaging solutions includes both single- and biplane angiography systems that will be used in interventional radiology, neurointervention, cardiac intervention and electrophysiology.
Utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac interventions, this highly flexible biplane angiography system features digital flat panel detectors in both planes, enabling it to reach all imaging speeds necessary for cardiology with excellent contrast resolution.
Procurement and installation of two left heart catheter measuring stations (monoplane angiography systems) and a biplane angiography system for the hybrid OR.
To meet the needs of the patients who'll be treated by the Neurosciences Institute, Edward has constructed a state-of-the-art neurointerventional suite featuring a biplane angiography system that provides dramatic image quality for physicians and, for patients, reduces their procedure time, radiation exposure and time under anesthesia.
The new technology features a biplane configuration, which enables medical facilities to use the system as either a biplane angiography C-arm system or as a magnetic navigation system.
LOT 7: Delivery biplane angiography equipment - machine used for pediatric cardiac pathology, coronary, cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial disease with FFR and OCT + maximal software, including space planning, installation, commissioning and personnel training: 2 pcs.
The new Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center of New Jersey is part of Capital Health's $30 million investment to create the Center and includes new state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment of stroke and cerebrovascular disease that includes installation of the area's only biplane angiography system.