biplane angiography

bi·plane an·gi·og·raph·y

synchronous angiocardiography in two planes at right angles to each other or in two orthogonal planes.
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Contract notice: delivery, installation, training and commissioning of 1 (one) unit interventional biplane angiography system for the general hospital of the city of vienna - medical university campus
Delivery, assembly, installation, commissioning and ready-to-use transfer as well as maintenance of a biplane angiography system (for special requirements for contrast-enhanced diagnostics and intervention in pediatric cardiology) for the Med Campus IV of the Kepler Universittsklinikums including ongoing updating and updating.
Tenders Are Invited for Supply of Biplane Angiography System - Imaging equipment for medical, dental and veterinary use
Supply, installation, commissioning and operational handover of a biplane angiography - conditioning for neuroradiology.
Contract notice: Restricted procedure for the supply and installation of a biplane angiography for functions neuroradiology - new hospital of cona.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: biplane angiography cardiological system for the 3rd medical department of the university hospital st.
Procurement and installation of two left heart catheter measuring stations (monoplane angiography systems) and a biplane angiography system for the hybrid OR.