Pertaining to or characterized by biphenotypy.


Pertaining to or characterized by biphenotypy.
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Among MPAL, 19(83%) cases were Biphenotypic [13(57%) cases of My/B-ALL, 5(22%) cases of My/T-ALL, and 1(4%) case of T/B-ALL].
Using this algorithm, biphenotypic (or triphenotypic) leukemia is diagnosed when a score greater than 2 is calculated for more than 1 lineage.
Furthermore, acute lymphatic leukemia sub segmented into acute biphenotypic leukemia, burkitt leukemia, precursor B acute lymphatic leukemia, and precursor T acute lymphatic leukemia.
Leukaemias under this category were given many different names, including bilineage leukaemias, biphenotypic leukaemias, hybrid leukaemias, undifferentiated leukaemias.
Generally, acute leukemias can be classified as either lymphoid or myeloid based on the lineage of the blastic cells, but rarely blasts of both lineages can be present (so-called bilineage acute leukemias) or blasts can express antigens of more than 1 lineage (so-called biphenotypic acute leukemias).
Pathologic examination reveals a characteristic biphenotypic cell line composed of chief cells and sustentacular cells with a peripheral fibrovascular stromal layer that are organized into a whorled (Zellballen) pattern.
In all, 763 cases 645 cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), 102 of acute mveloblastic leukemia (AML), and 16 of undifferentiated or biphenotypic AL] of the 842 eligible cases consented to participate (91%).
Therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome following acute promyelocytic leucemia and biphenotypic acute leukemia following stem cell transplantation in the same patient.
Smoothened expression was detected in lymphoid-lineage cell lines and in the biphenotypic lymphoid/myeloid line Reh.