biphasic response

bi·pha·sic re·sponse

1. two separate and distinct responses that are separated in time;
2. immediate reaction to an antigenic challenge followed by a recurrence of symptoms after an interval of quiescence.
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This is sometimes referred as a biphasic response. Our results at higher dose of BPA are contradictory to the findings of Mandich et al.
The addition of [Gd.sup.3+] did not affect the time course of the biphasic response. [Gd.sup.3+] did not alter the interspike interval significantly (n = 8 fibers; p > 0.05, two-sample paired Student's t-test); although the amplitude of the [Ca.sup.2+] signal was reduced after the [Gd.sup.3+] addition, this effect was not further evaluated.
We observed a biphasic response where physiological (low) doses of [beta]-estradiol induce cell growth and cellular proliferation of Jurkat T -cells, whereas higher doses inhibit cell growth and induce cell death.
(6,17) Hypoxia is reported to elicit a sustained monophasic rise in PAP in vivo, and a biphasic response in the isolated pulmonary artery and isolated perfused lung.
This might be due to the inhibition of the biphasic response induced by the carrageenan.
Heart rate turbulence is the biphasic response of the sinus node to premature ventricular contractions.
Fluid shear stress induces a biphasic response of human monocyte chemotactic protein-1 gene expression in vascular endothelium.
Continuous peripancreatic venous sampling after glucose challenge provides an accurate temporal profile of zinc release, whereby the biphasic response could be assessed.
The authors speculate that these effects may indicate a biphasic response to PBDE-99, and suggest that the phenomenon should be studied further in future research.
In one preparation, stimulation at point A produced a biphasic response in the muscle fibers of the ipsilateral valve [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4C OMITTED]; in five others, stimulation at point B produced biphasic responses.
This biphasic response correlates with how genistein is thought to exert its effects.