biphasic response

bi·pha·sic re·sponse

1. two separate and distinct responses that are separated in time;
2. immediate reaction to an antigenic challenge followed by a recurrence of symptoms after an interval of quiescence.
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There is a reproducible biphasic response to an intraplantar injection of formalin consisting of an early acute or phasic interval (Phase 1, 0-5 min), followed by a quiescent period (5-15 min), and then a prolonged tonic phase (Phase 2, from approximately 20-45 min).
Heart rate turbulence is the biphasic response of the sinus node to premature ventricular contractions.
The authors speculate that these effects may indicate a biphasic response to PBDE-99, and suggest that the phenomenon should be studied further in future research.
This biphasic response correlates with how genistein is thought to exert its effects.
It is possible that BzATP only affected the second component of the biphasic response (i.
1] cells with a characteristic biphasic response, pPfTx also induced c-fos luciferase in a similar manner.
In contrast, time-course studies showed that cells exposed to the high concentration of MCE (125 [micro]g lyophilized cells/mL) exhibited a biphasic response in their intracellular GSH.
However, the time-course study surprisingly revealed a biphasic response, i.
3] resulted in significantly biphasic responses in ANN (Figure 3B) and LnRMSSD (Figure 3H), which increased in the first 24 hr and decreased in the last 24 hr.
4] resulted in biphasic responses in all three measurements, which increased in the first 24 hr and decreased in the last 24 hr.