biperiden lactate

biperiden lactate,

n brand name: Akineton;
drug class: anticholinergic;
action: centrally acting competitive anticholinergic;
use: treatment of Parkinson's disease symptoms.
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With a suspected diagnosis of dystonia, biperiden lactate 5 mg/ml was administered via the intramuscular route and the contractions abated within 30 seconds of the injection.
According to the Naranjo algorithm9 that determines the probability of drug side effects, our patient scored seven points, with two points for the emergence of dystonia after taking DKP, one point for recovery from dystonia after administering biperiden lactate, two points for the absence of any alternative explanation for dystonia, one point for a history of a similar reaction to DKP in the past, and one point for the objective confirmation of dystonia by neurological examination.