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1. The use of living organisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, or fungi) or their products (e.g., toxins) in warfare.
2. A common but incorrect designation for the use of chemical or radiologic agents in warfare.
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Numerate's technology platform provides the basis for just such a paradigm shift, not only to enable the timely design of biowarfare countermeasures, but also to solve major challenges in the design and development of new drugs to treat cancer, diabetes, inflammation and other diseases burdening the healthcare system.
We have searched for an airborne biowarfare agent detector for quite some time, and have found a unique device in the Biosniffer that can be deployed in both mobile and stationary systems.
Department of Defense to support the development of biologic-based monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapies against biowarfare agents.
The proceeds, which will be received by Morphotek over the next nine months, will be used to help further develop mAbs targeting Botulinum neurotoxins (BNTs) as treatment for this class of highly toxic biowarfare agents.
Other commercially available rapid, on-site biowarfare tests employ antiquated immunoassay technology, reflected in a lack of sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility and frequent false results.
three high priority biowarfare agents, the RAMP System is the only
been shown to have negligible commercial value in biowarfare testing.
Plexus Vaccine will employ its strength in computational biology and pharmacogenomics in a highly generalizable approach to enable rapid and precise responses to infectious agents, including drug resistant and emerging pathogens and biowarfare agents.
We truly value this opportunity to leverage this platform for rapid vaccine discovery against biowarfare threats.
Specific current development efforts include three grants from The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop an integrated microlaboratory and assay protocols to analyze simulated biowarfare targets.
5M in government funding and commitments to support its biowarfare and human identification efforts.
We are pleased to be working with USAMRIID to help the Army combat the threat of biowarfare and bioterrorism," commented Stephen Sudovar, president and chief executive officer of EluSys.