biotic potential

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bi·ot·ic po·ten·tial

a theoretic measurement of the capacity of a species to survive or to compete successfully.

biotic potential

An estimate of the maximum capacity of living things to survive and reproduce under optimal environmental conditions.

biotic potential

the possible growth rate of a population of organisms under ideal conditions, which include an absence of predators and an unlimited availability of nutrients and space for expansion.

biotic potential

The hypothetical maximum reproductive capacity a population of organisms could sustain if the population were living in an optimised environment.

bi·ot·ic po·ten·ti·al

(bī-ot'ik pō-ten'shăl)
Theoretic measurement of the capacity of a species to survive or to compete successfully.

biotic potential

the theoretical maximum rate of increase of a species of organism in the absence of any adverse environmental factors such as predators or disease.


1. pertaining to life or living organisms.
2. pertaining to the biota.

biotic community
the assemblage of living things, including animals, plants and bacteria, which inhabit a specific biotope.
biotic potential
the theoretical reproductive potential of a population when unimpeded by the environment.
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The formula for biotic potential is: Biotic potential = loge fecundity/development time.
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1993; Lima and Racca Filho, 1996; Brasil, 2009) we believe that the values regarding the biotic potential (Table 6) are underestimated, due particularly to the the low viability of the larval stage and underestimation of the true fertility.
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