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A method for assessing the effect of a compound, technique, or procedure on an organism.
Synonym(s): biologic assay


Determination of the potency or concentration of a compound by its effect on animals, isolated tissues, or microorganisms, as contrasted with analysis of its chemical or physical properties.
Synonym(s): biologic assay, biotest.
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To address these challenges, Biotest is utilizing Schreiner MediPharm's Late Stage Customization service.
The report provides brief overview of Biotest AG including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries
Biotest (UK) has relocated from its current base in Solihull to take occupation of the 3,797 sq ft office.
El Biotest es una excelente herramienta que detecta si la persona es propensa a ciertas enfermedades (colesterol alto, diabetes, hipertension u obesidad), ademas de identificar lesiones musculares, determinar con precision la condicion fisica y el diseno de una dieta y de un entrenamiento para que los niveles anormales se restablezcan, o bien, para mantener una buena condicion.
Biotest Diagnostics Corporation, a subsidiary of Biotest AG, is a pharmaceutical and diagnostics company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of therapeutic and diagnostic systems, with a focus on clinical immunology, autoimmune diseases, haematology and intensive care medicine.
Comparison of non-serogroup 1 detection by Biotest and Binax Legionella urinary antigen enzyme immunoassays.
Biotest offers three RCS Centrifugal air samplers to fit your contamination control needs, the Standard RCS, the RCS Plus, and the RCS High Flow.
United States-based provider of a range of pre-clinical and clinical laboratory services for the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors, Charles River Laboratories International, has acquired KWS BioTest, a United Kingdom-based contract research organisation that specialises in in vitro and in vivo discovery testing services for immuno-oncology, inflammation and allergy, autoimmune disease and antimicrobials, antivirals and vaccinology, it was reported on Friday.
But before we tell you about today's featured instrument, the Airborne Particle Counter (APC) Plus from Biotest Diagnostics Corporation, [*] a bit of history is in order.
M2 PHARMA-January 15, 2018-Charles River Laboratories acquires KWS BioTest