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Prior to the availability of sophisticated genomic techniques, microbiology research was limited to procedures of isolation, maintenance, study and accuracy in identification of body commensal biota communities.
There is generally a high turnover of biota in soil, which continues to add organic matter.
Therefore the protection and improvement of ecosystem services a habitat for biota, improves environmental integrity, and improves the image of Kuala Lumpur as World Class City.
The Daohugou Biota, like that of the Jehol fossils has extraordinarily intact skeletons including soft tissues and features.
Biota Holdings Limited (BTA) - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Deals and Alliances Profile
The company is taking a long-term approach to building the BIOTA brand here, using a national marketing campaign that includes print and coupons.
Nabi may conduct a share consolidation prior to the formation of Biota Pharmaceuticals,as is described in the SEM.
La Southwestern Association of Naturalists ha establecido premios que reconocen contribuciones sobresalientes al entendimiento de la biota del suroeste de los Estados Unidos, Mexico y Centroamerica, y para la Asociacion.
There are some fungal biota that can colonize, grow, reproduce and degrade hair are known as ke-ratinophilic fungi.
Speaking to the AA in a meeting held in Baku to introduce Biota Laboratory's services, Biota's Marketing Manager Ahmet Atci said that they sold products in 35 countries around the globe.
MELBOURNE: Two or three major drug companies have expressed strong interest in developing a new flu drug from Biota Holdings, the Australian biotech company s chief executive said on Tuesday.