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The science concerned with deformation and flow in biologic systems.
[bio- + G. rheō, to flow, + logos, study]
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1981, A critical study of Poiseuille flow of couple stress fluid with applications to blood flow, Biorheology, 18, pp.
Li has also served on numerous committees and boards including as the co-chairman of the Biorheology Scientific and Standardization Committee of the International Society of Hemostasis and Thrombosis and as an advisor to the National Committee on Clinical Laboratory Standards Subcommittee of Point-of-Care Coagulation Testing.
Rheologics recently exhibited at the Congress of Biorheology and the International Conference on Clinical Hemorheology in Turkey and we were very pleased with the reception of our technology demonstration," said Kenneth R.
a pioneer in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke, today announced that its in-vitro / in vivo blood profiling device, the Rheolog(TM), and its non-invasive blood vessel imaging technology, the Cytoscan(R), will be displayed together for the first time at the 11th International Congress of Biorheology and the 4th International Clinical Conference on Hemorheology, a scientific conference taking place in Antalya, Turkey, September 22 - 26, 2002.