bioresonance (bīˈ·ō·reˑ·z·nns),

n technique in which the practitioner uses a device to analyze the patient's electromagnetic waves and alter them before returning them to the body. Used for treating headaches, skin conditions, pain, and other maladies.
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After its success, she trained in bioresonance and starting using it at her practice in Holland.
Revolutionary Bioresonance & Nutritional Therapy Helps Smokers Beat Nicotine Addiction
Melanie, 46, lives with husband Jeffrey, was very sceptical when she heard about Joseph Price and his bioresonance therapy clinic from an acupuncturist treating her for an unrelated groin injury.
The patent elucidates a new natural healing modality called Bioresonant Phytotherapeutics, which utilizes the process of tuned sympathetic bioresonance produced in the molecular memory of water molecules, entrained with the phytochemical signature of distilled herbal plants.
Bioresonance therapy is a therapeutical method, which relies on the EM oscillations of the patient's body to ensure his recovery.
Bioresonance therapy consists of various methods of application of certain frequencies or magnetic fields to the body for treatment of various illnesses and diseases.
Diagnosed through bioresonance testing as having Lyme, among other causes.
One might object that some peddlers of Laetrile, bioresonance tumor therapy, shark cartilage, and so on are not lying.
Acupuncture, (20) Bioresonance treatment, (21) balneotherapy and cleansing of the colon with enemas fall into this group.
Using Bioresonance therapy, developed 25 years ago in Germany, this clinic has created unique protocols that are reaching the highest success found for stop smoking.
He said: "I had tried various methods to stop smoking, and it was only once I had bioresonance treatment that I quit for good.