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Key Words: Ethnobotany; biophilia botanical illustration; cultural practices; interdisciplinary; symbiotic relationships.
Nature and I are two": A critical examination of the biophilia hypothesis'.
Bjork will show off a range of specially-created instruments she had built for her latest project Biophilia.
20am) Eccentric Icelandic songstress Bjork will be belting out numbers from her eighth studio album, the critically acclaimed Biophilia.
One of the editors, Stephen Kellert, is the author of a book on biophilia (Kellert, 1997), the concept developed by Edward O.
We're proponents of biophilia, which says that people have an inherent need for nature and are drawn to natural systems and settings.
The terminology has caught on, the hypothesis is talked about, and the beginnings of a research program in biophilia are evident.
Antoine in The Biophilia Hypothesis, encapsulates the book's theme: through loss of contact with the natural world and destruction of its biological diversity, human beings risk losing their senses.
Ideas like passive survivability, biophilia, the impact of "green" buildings on global warming through their location and associated transportation impacts, and building-integrated food production, have been born on the pages of EBN or gained traction there in industry and government.
Health regulations restrict the use of aroma diffusers in procedure areas, so designers introduced the concept of biophilia in the radiotherapy center, with large, illuminated graphics of flowering trees on the walls and ceiling, which are designed to help minimize anxiety.
This theory is known as the biophilia hypothesis and its basis is that there is genetic tendency to affiliate with life (Wilson 1993, Wilson, 1984), whereas connectedness to nature is subjective, and refers to an individual affective sense of connection with the natural world.
Biophilia is a thrilling record, an artist not just at the peak of her vocal power and knowledge, but rapturously and soulfully engaged with life and the still beautiful possibilities music offers in a benighted age.