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1. an agent or method that causes something else to change.
biologic response modifier (BRM) (biological response modifier) a method or agent, such as a cytokine, monoclonal antibody, or vaccine, that alters host-tumor interaction. This is usually accomplished by amplifying the antitumor mechanisms of the immune system, but it also may be effected by mechanisms that affect host or tumor cell characteristics, either directly or indirectly. Called also biomodulator.
problem modifier on level three of the problem classification scheme of the omaha system, either of the two sets of terms used in conjunction with client problems, allowing the nurse to identify ownership of the problem and its degree of severity in relation to client interest, risk factors, and signs or symptoms.
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This review investigates and updates the clinical efficacy of PRP when added to grafting materials and/or to membranes or biomodulators in cases of periodontal infrabony defects in patients with advanced chronic periodontitis.
Group 1: biomodulators versus biomodulators and PRP (2 articles),
In 2004, Texas-based Jerry Tennant, MD, developed an easier-to-use, more effective version of the Russian invention, powered by two AA batteries, called the Tennant Biomodulator. Whether moved across the body or sitting still on a particular area, its biofeedback feature operates by sending out a series of precisely modulated electrical current to the skin, measuring the body's response, and then emitting different signals in response to the changes recorded by the skin.
Antimicrobial peptides, enzymes and biomodulators, are non-persistent, meet the more stringent regulatory requirements and have been shown to maintain activity over extended periods while presenting no problems with resistance adaptation.