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Our expansion reflects the marketplace's increased desire for biometrically secured authentication and identification systems that help companies resolve human resource, safety and financial issues.
The SecureLink System is an end-to-end solution that prevents identity theft and associated fraudulent activities through four-factor biometric authentication technology that's portable, 100% biometrically secure and designed with the protection of individual privacy rights in mind.
Our smartSTIK-MD product is a biometrically protected portable medical data storage device, which falls squarely in the patent that bioMETRX has just obtained.
The control stations will process the enrollment data to produce the biometrically enabled ID card.
6 supports and biometrically controls multiple, individualized network sessions on shared computers.
Communications has developed what is thought to be a world first - biometrically secure e-mail.
a[sz] is the only biometrically controlled system that provides prescription medicine dispensing with automated record keeping and full transparency.
To be part of the programme, travellers would pay a fee and be biometrically scanned.
This is an exciting time to join the iCache team - top tier card issuing organizations are quickly gravitating to iCache's biometrically secure digital wallet over other mobile payment applications.