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mobile and ecommerce industry for its patented, biometric signature capture technology, SecureBuy wants to grow this reputation across Canada.
It provides the support required to drive ongoing integrations of our high security electronic and biometric signature solutions with additional partners and clients and to add to our transaction-based and recurring revenue.
SiPay and SiPay Mobile offer innovative fraud prevention solutions for retailers in various industries, and teaming with Hypercom gives us a robust payment terminal with an integrated signature pad that supports the vital biometric signature recognition, authentication and credential validation components of our services," said Emilian Elefteratos, president and chief executive officer, SiVault Systems, Inc.
April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Communication Intelligence Corporation ("CIC" or the "Company") (OTCQB: CICI), a leading supplier of electronic signature solutions and the recognized leader in biometric signature verification, reported today that it had closed a follow-on round of funding with a number of new and existing investors to provide additional working capital.
They feature a self-enrollment process whereby a user's unique biometric signature is generated based upon minutiae points of the fingerprint itself.
Identity confirmation supported by biometric signatures, operated from a cloud-based platform, now enable health care providers to immediately verify the identity of the patient under treatment.
BAT uses two forms of identification and recognition -- fingerprinting and face recognition -- to build electronic dossiers tied to biometric signatures.
TYPES OF BIOMETRIC DEVICES - Automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) - Palm and vein reading systems that supplement AFIS - Non-automated fingerprint identification systems - Facial recognition - Iris scans - Integrated AFIS, face, and iris systems - DNA readers - Biometric signatures - Data encoders - Bar coder - Document scanner Biometric identity units provide security protection.
Biometrics units are comprised of fingerprint systems, facial recognition, iris scans, and biometric signatures.
That is why enterprises must ensure they have implemented a robust, multifaceted security solution that ensures biometric signatures and user data is stored safely and isn't transmitted across the Internet.