biomechanical preparation

bi·o·me·chan·i·cal prep·a·ra·tion

(bīō-mĕ-kani-kăl prepăr-āshŭn)
Colloq. for biomechanical cleaning (q.v.).
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Postponement of final obturation with gutta-percha after initial extraoral biomechanical preparation serves in performing better obturation and delaying root resorption.
The traditional concepts of root canal preparation, biomechanical preparation, chemomechanical preparation, or cleaning and shaping have been known for decades.
In the first appointment Biomechanical preparation of the canals were performed and the canals were dressed with calcium hydroxide paste before sealing the access cavity with a temporary restorative material.
After the contamination period, the instrumentation from size 40 K file up to size 50 K file was performed to verify the antimicrobial action of irrigants in combination with biomechanical preparation, thus stimulating the clinical situation.
Disinfection of the root canal is obtained by the combined effect of biomechanical preparation, irrigation and intra canal medicament [6,7].
This paved the way for a more cleaner, thorough and faster biomechanical preparation of the root canal system.
Biomechanical preparation was done using pro-taper rotary file system till F3 file along with irrigation with 3% sodium hypochlorite 17% ethelene diamine tetraacetic acitic acid and 0.
The biomechanical preparation was done and obturation of the whole root canal was done with gutta percha and sealer as a single unit (Fig 1b).
After widening the space till working length biomechanical preparation was started using # 15/ .
In addition to biomechanical preparation, it is essential to use an irrigant or combination of irrigants.
Individual canal flaring and biomechanical preparation was performed with Protaper universal (Dentsply, Maillefer) rotary nickel titanium files till F2.
1,2) Irrigating solutions play a very important role in the removal of microorganisms, toxins, debris and smear layer from the root canals during biomechanical preparation.