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Clinical proteomic biomarkers: relevant issues on study design & technical considerations in biomarker development.
Some of the major players involved in the global biomarkers market include Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic, BG Medicine, Inc., F.
In cancer type segment, breast cancer is expected to account for the largest share of the global cancer biomarkers market.
As has been the case with other novel biomarkers, the combination of two biomarkers--urinary L-FABP and NGAL--enhanced the accuracy of the early detection of postoperative AKI after cardiac surgery well before the associated rise in serum creatinine.
Chapter 6 is the strength of this book with its focus on biomarkers of cancer.
A good biomarker should offer information beyond the usual clinical information.
This type of search for novel biomarkers is somewhat analogous to genomewide association studies.
To identify potential biomarkers, blood samples were collected from 43 subjects with a mean age of 48 years, including 21 with asthma, five with COPD and 17 healthy controls.
Correlation of protein expression and quantitative regulation for diseases of key concern in Japan, such as lung cancer, COPD, and cardiovascular disease, will be performed to discover biomarker candidates related to drug response.
The Web site provides easy access for submitting biomarker project concepts to therapeutic area steering committees within the consortium.
FDA's biomarker qualification guidance will establish a "fitness for use" standard for marker validation, Deputy Commissioner for Operations Janet Woodcock said.
Orion's proprietary biomarker discovery platform, MethylScope(r) technology, was recently published in Nature, and is the subject of numerous patent applications.