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1. pertaining to biology.
2. a medicinal preparation made from living organisms and their products, such as a serum or vaccine.
biological clock the physiologic mechanism that governs the rhythmic occurrence of certain biochemical, physiologic, and behavioral phenomena in living organisms. See also biological rhythms.
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A diagnosic, pregentive, or therapeutic preparation derived or obtained from living organisms and their product, for example, serum, vaccine, antigen, antitoxin.
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(bī′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) also


1. Of, relating to, caused by, or affecting life or living organisms: biological processes such as growth and digestion.
2. Having to do with biology.
3. Related by genetic lineage: the child's biological parents; his biological sister.
4. Being male or female by having the chromosomes for that sex: a biological female.
5. Of or relating to biological weapons: biological warfare.
A biologic.

bi′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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adjective Referring to biology; biologic.
noun Biologic. Any of a number of FDA-regulated agents—e.g., antitoxins, antisera, vaccines and blood plasma products—prepared from donor pools or obtained directly from various living organisms, often mammals. They are not amenable to the chemical or physical standardisation steps required of pharmaceuticals; they are impure chemically and safety cannot be assumed.
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adjective Referring to biology noun Therapeutics Biologic Any of a number of FDA-regulated agents–eg antitoxins, antisera, vaccines, and blood plasma products prepared from donor pools or obtained directly from various living organisms–often mammals; they are not amenable to the chemical or physical standardization steps required of pharmaceuticals; they are impure chemically; safety cannot be assumed. See Antisera, Antitoxins, Vaccines.
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A compound or medicine derived from living products, rather than chemicals (e.g., serum, antivenin).
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, biological (bī'ŏ-loj'ik, -i-kăl)
Relating to biology.
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Also, if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer, ask about new genomic, biologic and imaging tests that can clarify if your cancer is biologically significant and should be treated.
The US consisted either of the 2s simultaneous presentation of the intermittent white flashing screen plus the biologically potent human scream or the 0.5s simultaneous presentation of the white flashing screen together with the metallic sound pattern.
The prevalence of each feature was compared between the biologically benign and biologically malignant cases.
* For fast deficiency completion of biologically active substances which do not arrive in sufficient quantities.
These are the biologically based therapies that are claimed to have disease-modifying effects.
This category refers not to what care is provided (what drug, what device, what surgical procedure), but to how a specific biologically targeted therapy is delivered.
The LWWC program was funded by one of two original Biologically Integrated Farming Systems (BIFS) grants awarded by UC's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program's (SAREP).
Decoding Potential offers an in-depth cognitive and comparative analysis of what is meant by "potential", along with a definition and an overview human innate natural thinking processes and biologically based discernable intelligences by which we can come to a new and quite promising understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our world.
In the well-publicized Gwen Araujo case, two men were convicted of second-degree murder and each sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after a California jury refused to buy their "transgender panic" defense that they killed the teen in October 2002 due to the shock of discovering that she was biologically male.
A scientific study showed that male nematode worms lived twice as long when they were biologically altered to prevent sperm loss.
Peru is home to 84 of the world's 104 known ecosystems and 28 of the 32 identified climate zones, placing it among the top 15 most biologically diverse countries in the world, according to the United Nations.
In this book, biomineralization means biologically mediated mineral precipitation, that is, both biologically controlled as well as biologically induced, the latter sometimes referred to as organomineralization.

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