biological significance

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biological significance

The significance of the difference between outcomes in a clinical situation determined by the clinician with respect to the patient; biological significance is measured in terms of a biological outcome—e.g., difference in measures such as morbidity or mortality, difference in weight gain, etc.


1. pertaining to biology.
2. a medicinal preparation made from living organisms and their products; these include serums, vaccines, etc.

biological clock
the physiological mechanisms which govern the rhythmic occurrence of certain biochemical, physiological and behavioral phenomena in living organisms. See also biological rhythm.
biological control
control of a parasite by making use of its natural enemies, especially other pests. The target may also be a vector or a reservoir for infection.
biological data
usually comprise a list of vital statistics about an animal or plant species, recording such things as preferred growth medium, temperature and humidity and details of the internal milieu including blood pH, normal blood electrolytes and the like.
biological environment
includes the influence of all biological factors such as warmth, moisture and humidity, but also the plant ecosystem in which the animal lives and the associated populations of vertebrates and invertebrates that may compete for food and space, and may also act as reservoirs for infectious diseases.
biological filters
are used for the treatment of sewage effluent. They comprise a column of stones or plastic pieces which become covered with bacteria which degrade the organic matter in the effluent.
biological significance
is an estimate of the biological importance of a statistical or apparent causal association between two variables, e.g. feed supply and the occurrence of bovine acetonemia. The estimation takes into account the possible biological relationship between the two; an estimate of statistical significance would take only the mathematical relationship into account.
biological value
relationship between the amount of nutrient absorbed and the amount utilized by the body. Expressed as a percentage. Called also BV.
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This study comes on the heels of a great deal of recent scientific research documenting the biological significance of carcinoma cells detected in bone marrow and peripheral blood of breast cancer patients in various stages of disease progression.
cfm Product description: The Ascenta System(TM) is an expertly curated and annotated reference resource to facilitate correlation of gene expression information with biological significance.
He has spent over 20 years of his career studying and lecturing about biological significance of human and non-human primate tactility.
The list of cloned and characterized nuclear receptors and coregulators is substantial, representing an explosive accumulation of information that is yet to be organized into a coherent picture of the biological significance of these molecules," said Dr.
Recognizing the difficulty of linking a new viral agent to diseases of unknown cause and the potential significance of these findings to blood banking, DiaSorin intends to extend its studies to assess the biological significance of this viral agent in an expeditious manner.
One important area of study is gene expression levels, an indicator of whether a gene is activated in various conditions, which is an essential step in determining the gene's biological significance.
of the Salk Institute, discovered CRF and was instrumental in defining the biological significance of the molecule.
In July 2000, GeneFormatics and Bristol-Myers Squibb entered into an Alliance Research Agreement to evaluate the biological significance of potential therapeutic targets using GeneFormatics' computational Fuzzy Functional Form(TM) (FFF(TM)) platform technology to elucidate protein function and structure.
Genesis(TM) is easy-to-use, robust and efficient, and has sophisticated coordination, filtering, and analysis and visualization capabilities, which aim to provide biological significance and avoid redundancy and ambiguity.
They speculate that phosphorylation at that site may have particular biological significance for p53, and that studying these processes could improve understanding of the health consequences resulting from phosphorylation of proteins through exposure to environmental contaminants.
That dimness suggests that the light has no biological significance, say Schmitz and other biologists.
Bio-mimetic using natural building blocks will also reveal if disorder, always present in natural structures, is a direct consequence of intrinsic material limitations or if it has a biological significance.

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